Jared Leto at Innovation Uncensored

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Jared Leto at Innovation Uncensored

Mensaje  auris2406 el Mar Mayo 03, 2011 10:19 am

Este es un articulo que acabo de encontrar y que me pareció muy interesante, así que lo comparto con ustedes... se los dejo en inglés pero si alguien quiere traducirlo por favor hágalo porque a mi me da pereza hacerlo jajajajaja Very Happy

Jared Leto And FX GM On How To Live And Profit Like A Rock Star In A Brave New World
BY: TYLER GRAY May 02, 2011

At Fast Company's recent Innovation Uncensored event in New York, the actor-musician-artist shared how social media and technology enable him and his colleagues in the increasingly tough music, TV, and live concert businesses to do whatever the f--- they want. As long as it involves a good story.

The the actor and singer-guitarist for rock band Thirty Seconds To Mars joined FX Networks' President and General Manager John Landgraf, and Live Nation Network President Russell Wallach joined me on stage in New York to talk about how technology is helping them succeed amid massive challenges in their businesses.
Whether we were discussing the new ways bands and brands are working together or how that once completely unhip union can now bolster fan fun and bottom lines, the theme that kept emerging was the importance of a narrative. Each of the panelists, in his own way, agreed that every piece of new technology worked best when it helped people experience a story.
Who knew the explosion of the old music business model and the growth social media and YouTube would enable artists such as Leto to connect with willing corporate sponsors, even as he acts out all of his wildest leather mask-and-shirtless Kung-Fu fantasies?

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Here, Landgraf explains the dergree to which he, too, follows his own rules. Mostly.

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And finally, Leto answers an audience question about how the idealism of a rock band could possibly translate into daily decision making at a non-guitar-and-groupie-based business.

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